Who Am I?

My name is Joshua Joonhaeng Lee, and at the time of this post, I am 19 years old. Born in Sandy, Utah on January 1, 1995, I moved to Seoul, Korea when I was about 2 years old, and have been living there since.

I grew up in Yonhi-Dong, Seoul, South Korea, and attended one school, and one school only: Seoul Foreign School. From preschool to graduation, I learned and grew in the SFS community, finding interests in a variety of things, including singing, playing several instruments, and basketball. In these, I was fortunate enough to have multiple violin recitals, trumpet concerts, acappella singing, vocal solos, and basketball games both at the Junior Varsity and the Varsity Level.

After I graduated in June of 2013 from SFS, I attended Brigham Young University. Though my major is currently undecided, I hope to pursue Computer Science, and maybe a double major or a minor in Business/Marketing.

There are so many things I enjoy doing. First of all, I’m absolutely a geek. I’m deeply submerged into the world of tech, following and loving every part from phones to computers to games. So it’s no understatement that I spend a large part of my time on tech sites like Macrumors, Technobuffalo, and Engadget. Moreover, I love music. I love almost every genre of music, including indie/alternative to EDM. John Legend, Mighty Oaks, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Kalai, John Newmann, Flume, Kygo, and Snakehips make up only some of the artists/DJs I love. My love for music doesn’t stop at the listening front. Because I learned so many different instruments growing up, I was highly intrigued by the art of producing and arranging music, which I took up in my latter years of high school. I arranged music for the males acappella group at my school and one piece for our school’s premier choral group, and I’ve produced songs and covers as a hobby. Lastly, I love sports. Contrary to what my physique might say, I grew up playing various sports including soccer (football), volleyball, and mainly, basketball. It’s tough being a 5’7 (170cm) point guard, though.

Every member in my immediate family is a part of the LDS Church, my parents being converted at a young age. Growing up in a small church in Seoul, I ended up being one of the few, if not the only Young Man or Youth in the whole Church until my later years, as the number of Young Men increased to about 15-20 in my senior year of high school. I was almost always the only Mormon in my school, and was definitely the only Mormon who stayed at SFS so long. That being said, I grew up with the values and beliefs of the LDS Church, but the experience of a non-Mormon, international, Third-Culture-Kid students, as evident in almost everything in my lifestyle, including how I spell words like favourite or theatre.

I’ve held many callings in the Church growing up. As one of the few if not only Young Men, I was called to be the Deacons and Teachers Quorum president and the Priest Quorum First Advisor. At BYU, I was called to be a FHE Dad, a calling I absolutely loved.

The decision to become a missionary is often made at a young age, and one is prepared their whole lives to serve. The time between deciding to serve and handing in my completed papers was a whole three weeks, and five weeks to my mission call. Of course I feel underprepared, but the growth I have personally experienced since deciding to serve has been immense. I can only imagine how much the mission will help me grow.

It is never too late to do anything.


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