week 14 & 15

note from sister: So sorry for the delay in uploading these posts. It’s been super super busy! Here are his posts — 


The only really big thing this week is that Yaryxa, one of our main investigators, is getting baptised!! Her husband,  Claudio, is a convert of my companion, and we’ve been working with her for a while. She’s progressed so much. She used to be a timid 20 year old who never peeped a word, but now she’s a 21 year old who’s laughing with other members, singing in the choir, etc. its amazing. And her husband (a recent convert) is gonna baptise her! woo hoo!!

Speaking of choir. . Our ward mission leader asked us 4 missionaries like a month or two ago to sing a special musical number, so us 4 sang it, and the branch loved it. A few people asked to sing with us for our branch conference, so we sang two songs a few weeks ago at that, and the branch president gave us permission to continue as a branch choir! For the first performance, I played guitar, and for the second one, I suddenly became the choir pianist… and I’m really bad at piano. But in the few weeks I’ve been practicing I’v ecome a long way! The thing is that most people here don’t know much about music, music theory, and how to read music (let alone how to sing properly :/ ) So the brnach mission leader who is conducting the choir asked me to hold a few music classes now and then. So we’ll see how that close! Talents are coming to use finally 🙂

Other than that….  Not much. One of our investigators has a 4 year old kid whos a real troublemaker, swearing, throwing food, etc. The other day, he farted some big farts. Like BIIIG. Said he needed to crap. and pee. So he pulled down his pants, and starts wiggling. o.o so uncomfortable.

Last week, my companion got his plantar’s wart (on the bottom of his feet) frozen… so that was fun for him.

That’s about it this week though. I’ll let you all know how the baptism goes!


Elder Lee


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