week 17 & 18

Hey guys!

Sorry, I totally forgot to send an email last week. But to be totally honest, not much has happened!

Last week, we found out that one of our investigators (second lesson) was about to get baptised two years ago, but didn’t like the font.  She already knew the things were true, so we put a baptismal date for the 10th of january, in 2015 (whaaaat, 2015) and shes almost ready! She just needs to go to the church a few times. Hopefully she does.

Tomorrow, we have Transfers. I pretty much knew I was staying, but I thought my companion was gonna become a zone leader, but turns out, hes going to a zone called Angol to train again! Well to finish someones training. So he´ll have 3 kids, and Ill have another brother! wuut. And Im staying here in Curanilahue for another 6 weeks at least!!! Love it. Theres so much work to be done, and Im glad i get to do it.

On Wednesday of this week,  we had a Christmas Meeting with the northern half of our zone. We heard a few leaders and the Assistants speak and give us advice on the mission, etc. President gave PALOOOS meaning he went hard and just gave it straight up. He said we need to be more obedient, etc, all the obedience talk but wow it was strong. Other than that, each zone had an opportunity to do a special presentation. Our zone leader chose to do a nativity scene. 3 times. in 3 different eras. Normal, 80s, and modern. I didn´t like it, and the mission didnt like it. We almost got in trouble for it…. oh boy.

Other than that,  not too much to say! Christmas is coming up which is SO WEIRD AHH its already christmas. I completed 4 months on the mission on saturday, and Im going to complete 3 months here in Curanliahue on the 24th. Thats insane. Time is really flying guys. But YEAH CHRISTMAS doesnt really feel like christmas though.. oh well.

PICTURES: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z0p9u4m9xkchn7t/AACPpATc3VOH-oiiadu1lTGfa?dl=0

Hope you are all doing well!


Elder Lee


week 16

Hello hello!

What an odd week it’s been. I had a split with a zone leader in His sector because the other zone leader came to Curanilahue to interview Yaryxa for the interview, and we did a lot of work there on Tuesday. Then, on Saturday, Yaryxa got baptised!!! Photos included in the dropbox link. Finally. We’ve been working with her for so long and its so amazing to finally see her baptised. Her, her husband, her mother in law are all members now! After the baptism, we had a BBQ at their house, and photos are included as well. It was deliiiiiiciiiouuus. But because of that we couldn’t really do any work.

On Sunday, I gave a talk!  It was about gaining confidence and faith in fellow brethren, and that went really well. 3 of us missionaries talked. First was Elder Castillo about Service, then was me, then was my companion Elder Wallace talking about Magnifying Your Call, using the talk “Push where you are”. It was a great sacrament meeting i guess! Didn’t slip up in my Spanish and people got what I meant.

Then after lunch,  in the evening, we had a Fireside, and the missionaries were doing a special musical number. Thats the third performance I’ve done in the Branch, and 4 songs, in the last month. Geez. Never knew I’d be doing it so much! But because of that too, we couldn’t do much work either. So all in all, it was a week of little time and little work, but a week of much success because of the baptism.

Today, we went to the beach for a zone activity!  It was pretty sweet actually. We went climbing around a whole bunch of rocks, up and down and around, and I went adventuring a bit. It was only for a few hours, but we still had fun as a zone!

That’s it for this week. his next week is Week 5 of the Cambio, so this week and another week until transfers. We’ll see what happens! Hopefully we can do a lot these last two weeks.

Love you all,

Elder Lee

dropbox link below for pictures:


week 14 & 15

note from sister: So sorry for the delay in uploading these posts. It’s been super super busy! Here are his posts — 


The only really big thing this week is that Yaryxa, one of our main investigators, is getting baptised!! Her husband,  Claudio, is a convert of my companion, and we’ve been working with her for a while. She’s progressed so much. She used to be a timid 20 year old who never peeped a word, but now she’s a 21 year old who’s laughing with other members, singing in the choir, etc. its amazing. And her husband (a recent convert) is gonna baptise her! woo hoo!!

Speaking of choir. . Our ward mission leader asked us 4 missionaries like a month or two ago to sing a special musical number, so us 4 sang it, and the branch loved it. A few people asked to sing with us for our branch conference, so we sang two songs a few weeks ago at that, and the branch president gave us permission to continue as a branch choir! For the first performance, I played guitar, and for the second one, I suddenly became the choir pianist… and I’m really bad at piano. But in the few weeks I’ve been practicing I’v ecome a long way! The thing is that most people here don’t know much about music, music theory, and how to read music (let alone how to sing properly :/ ) So the brnach mission leader who is conducting the choir asked me to hold a few music classes now and then. So we’ll see how that close! Talents are coming to use finally 🙂

Other than that….  Not much. One of our investigators has a 4 year old kid whos a real troublemaker, swearing, throwing food, etc. The other day, he farted some big farts. Like BIIIG. Said he needed to crap. and pee. So he pulled down his pants, and starts wiggling. o.o so uncomfortable.

Last week, my companion got his plantar’s wart (on the bottom of his feet) frozen… so that was fun for him.

That’s about it this week though. I’ll let you all know how the baptism goes!


Elder Lee