Week 13 – gods

Another week has gone by!!! Wow. Nothing too special happened this week. Thus, not many photos. But, we did go to Plegarias! Its part of our sector, but about a 30 minute walk out from the edge of the sector. We started walking, put up the thumb, and got a truck to take us! The first house we went into was an Incomplete Family, so miracles right there!

We got a new missionary in our Zone, Hermana Jolley. Her mom served in Korea, so thats super cool. That means I’m not the newest kid in our zone! woohoo. We got a few new missionaries from other sectors, woohoo! Unforunately, one kid who was born with me was sent home. :/

BUT. I want to write what I’ve learned, deep doctrine wise. If you don’t really want to read this, thats all for this week. Short, uneventful week!

First of all, we all know what the Comforter is. The Holy Ghost. He guides you, helps you, all in whipsers and whatnot. In John 14, we are introduced very clearly to another Comforter, which is the Second Comforter. If you look up Comforter in the Topical Guide or Consolador in the Guia for the Spanish Scriptures, it references you to John, and it tells you that the Second Comforter is Jesus Christ. In John, it says that those who are faithful, etc, He will send another comforter, HE will come to us, and HE will stay with us. In D&C, we read that those who rest in the Celestial Kingdom with have The Testimony of Jesus Christ. Not just A testimony, but THE testimony. A pure knowledge of Christ. IT’s super cool, some members told us about another Elder they knew in their missions (They’re less than 10 years older than us), who said he had a pure knowledge of Christ, and how the Temple President in Santiago told the people during one session that He heard the Lord’s voice. It’s super sweet. And in the part where it talks about the Priesthood (D&C), it says that following through the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, we will receive Him. WOW.

Now,  I want to ask about the Time of the Earth. D&C77 states that the temporal existance of the Earth, which starts when Adam was human (whether that means when he was created, or when he was cast out of the Garden, i dont know), is 7000 years. Every 1000 years is a 1 seal on the Book that St. John saw in the Book of Revelations. We passed the sixth seal, which is when Elias appeared to Joseph Smith, so we’re on the 1000 years for the 6th seal. It also says that when the opening of the 7th seal occurs, Christ will come, and thus starts the Millenium, also stated in the book of revelations. Now, whether that means literally 1000 years, i don’t know, as we know that God’s time is not perceivable to us, like the 7 days of creation (well 6 and 1 of rest) were probably not exactly 7 days as we know it. But we have passed 6/7 seals, so we’re close. CLOSE. CLOOOOOSE. AHH. But if any of you have insight onto the Time of the Earth, let me know! Also, this book thats sealed. I bet you its the book that contains the knowledge that God has. When its opened, those worthy who will live in the celestial kingdom will read and understand it, and that’s how we become Gods. HEED MY WORDS but its not doctrine so don’t really heed them!

On that topic of becoming gods… Our Father in Heaven has commanded Christ to do all these things, like Create, Atone, Die, Resurrect, etc. We have a pretty good idea that God can’t command Christ to do things that He hasn’t done or doesn’t know how to do. We also have many hints that God was a Christ before in a different world. Who was he in relation to His God? Son of God, right? Every God there is has been a human at one time or another. Christ is the Son of God, the Only Begotten, the Firstborn, no matter what universe. So do we follow that geneology? Like in World Earth no 1, Our God was that earth’s Christ. His Father was God. That means the Son became God, he sat on the throne, with the sign that says King of Kings, Lord of Lords (As says in Revelations), and become God, so His literal son became Christ. Does that mean that happens to us? That if we are worthy enough to become a God, that our Firstborn will become our Christ? And some of you might think that there was only one Christ, true, but only one Christ for the one God we have. And we know that God has many many other worlds, but there are different Gods that have different worlds. HMMMMMMMM CONFUSIONNNNNNNN. And who is Adam/Michael, in this big relationship? He is the prince, but does he have any blood/spiritual connection with Jehovah and his Dad? Will Michael become a Christ for Jesus?


Thats all my deep doctrine thoughts. LOTS OF QUESTIONS. AHHH I LOVE DOCTRINE SO INTERESTING. But if any of you have any thoughts or insights, please email me, I’d love to hear. My knowledge is only but a grain of sand.

Love you all,
Elder Lee

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