Week 12 – Apostasy

Okay guys. Don’t have too much time but I want to talk about a few things. Mainly the Apostasy that has been occurring in my sector.

First of all, years ago, there was this dude in our branch. He was Branch president and all, a bit prideful. One day, he said he received a vision, left the Church, and started his own. 32 people followed him. It died down, and he´s doing something random in Santiago.

Right now, there’s a guy (i won´t be specific at all about who it is). Prideful, and he has a ´higher up´ position. He uses it to his advantage, commanding people around. He always wants to make his presence known. For example, entering in one of our Sunday classes (priesthood), he comes in late, and out loud just says Permiso! Buenas tardes! He also thinks he has ultimate power and authority, and like just as many keys and much authority as the prophet. Anyway. He’s being a little over the board that a lot of our members are scared, and its killing us a bit. Obviously he´s not the only reason, our leaders need to step up too, but its not good. Some people are scared that he´s going to go and make his own church. He also thinks he can sell Honey in the US for 15 thousand pesos per kilo or something. Chilean pesos. That’s like 30 bucks. Wow. And he told us that we don´t need to say a prayer to bless our food, we can just sing a hymn. Apostasy.

So that’s within our branch. There’s also a lot of contention, and it´s not the healthiest, but we´re trying to work on strengthening the branch.

Yesterday, we were at an investigator´s house. She has a daughter and a niece who live with her, and they are Super evangelica. Bible bashing, but still listening to us, but very very hard hearts. These are the evangelists that get filled with the spirit and start dancing during their church meetings. So we had our brochures of the Restoration out, and like a few minutes in the lesson, the niece, who’s maybe 12 years old, said ¨Hey are these brochures anointed?¨ We said well they´re written by prophets… and she interrupts ¨Aunt. We have to anoint these brochures. Do you want to do it?¨So the aunt puts her hands on the folletos, and says some random prayer and I tell you these Evanglists and their prayers are a bit loco but its pretty cool how fervently they pray. But yeah, so our brochures have been anointed. THAT’S what we were missing. WE had no success here because we didn´t anoint our brochures, books, pencils, etc…

Oh gosh. Thats Curanilahue. Evangelicas, lazy people, and apostasy.

But other than that, our week was meh. On monday, Elder wAllace and I went to Concepcion, the big city near us where the mission office is because he had a doctor’s appointment. I bought a jersey for LA Roja, the Chile Seleccion team. We also had some burgers from Pedro Juan y Diego, and iut was SOOOO GOOD AHHH. I hope he gets hurt again so we can go back to the mall in Conce. Then during District meeting, it was our last one together. Why? Because every six weeks, we have transfers, and that means a missionary can stay or go. We had three dying this week (aka finishing their mission), and we never know whos goin to leave or stay until the day before transfers (which is tomorrow, so we got a fall and w’ere informed today). So just in case, we always take pictures on the last conference. You can see all my zone in there!

Anyway, that’s all this week. Hope you guys are all doin well. Love you!

PS: Here are some pictures:


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