WEEK 6 – Last week at the CCM (MTC)

So this past week has been a little eventful!

I’ll start off with Monday. Monday was national independence day in Mexico, so after our morning and afternoon classes, we had dinner and then something called “Mexican Night”. We went into the auditorium, and a whole bunch of performers came in and performed some traditional dances, sang some songs, etc. There are some pictures and videos in the folder “September 18” (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/em5imil54ojqtx7/AACvT6cjXKoDJI8kkz-IPbyBa?dl=0)

One of the things we’ve been practicing the past few weeks was the mexican national anthem, which in its entirety, is about an hour and a half, so we only sang two verses and two choruses. We had a flag ceremony, and our MTC President, President Pratt, came up, took the flag, chanted some things in honour of special people who helped gain independence, and we all sang the Mexican National Anthem together. It was so awesome, especially celebrating another country’s national holiday.

Prior to the whole fiesta, a bunch of people were waiting outside the auditorium, so my friend and I decided to hop up to the steps near it and shout “SELFIE TIME!” Everyone turned around, and we snapped a few selfies. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlya1iaynqrxvc5/IMG_0271.JPG?dl=0

That was actually on my friend’s camera, which I took from him without knowing. I went around taking selfies with random Elderes, Hermanas, coches, and whatnot. Totaled about 120 pictures, but he deleted most of them 😦 But yeah, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6hz3kvjldqz27sa/AAC_YFnKybZM4YFuPHW_eQdqa?dl=0 is the link to all the selfies I took with that stolen camera.

Then after the show at about 9:15, we went home, changed out of our nice clothes, and climbed to our roof! It was awesome just to see some fireworks here and there, just chill and have a nice overhead view of everything. Eventually, we got in trouble for it, but whats done is done.

After Monday, we went to some more normal stuff, unfortunately. More learning, more classes. Tuesday, we finally got our itineraries to get out of here to Chile. So we’ll be flying from here to Santiago, have a 2.5 hour layover, then flying to Concepcion South, wherever the closest airport is. I think its a total of 10 hours of flying, which isn’t bad. But no movies again.. 😥

Wednesday, nothing happened, really… and Today is Thursday, and I took a glorious nap today. YES. FINALLY. NAPS. AHHH

So one of my friends, who is my roommate (not my companion), Elder Andersen who is always biting his ties in our photos, is most likely going to the University of Utah, so he’s planning on going to the U’s campus in Songdo, Korea, over a semester, and I hope he goes during summer so I can have him in Korea. Then, we’re gonna do an Asia trip, and go all over Asia with his current companion, Elder Yamada, and their SOs and my lonely self. Just goes to show some of the awesome people I’ve met so far.

The MTC is so boring, but I’m still learning a lot. Most of my friends who have left the MTC to the field have said that it’s super busy, so I’m trying to make use of the free time that we have left! Once I get out there, I promise I’ll have many, many more interesting things to say, but until then, you’re stuck with my boring MTC experience.

I’d also like to finish by bearing my testimony in Spanish, just because this is my last pday here. Yo sé que todas las cosas que estoy haciendo son las cosas que Dios quiere para mi. Todas los difíciles, los desafios, y también, el gozo y la feliz que yo siento cada día, las dudas qué tengo cada día son de Dios. Para que yo pueda aprender y progresar en mi vida, para que cambie mi personalidad, mi corazón, y mi alma y mente. El trabajo en el misión no es fácil. Pero cuando veo que hay 800 personas en el CCM in México, y 75.000 misioneros en el mundo, Hermanas y Elderes, yo reconozco que el trabajo es verdadero. El camino que estoy caminando es el camino que Dios me quiere tomar. Y cuando tengo los dificiles, los dificiles que hé tenido, los que tendré, yo puedo y podré pedir a Dios y Jesucristo para su ayuda. Por qué yo sé que Ellos me aman, y quieren el mejor para mi vida y mi camino. Quieren que yo logre toda que pueda lograr en el campo misional, y Ellos me dieron ustedes, mi familia, mis amigos, los otros misioneros, personas en cada parte del mundo para apoyarme. Y por eso, estoy muy agradecido. Nunca podría servir el misión o estar aqui sin ustedes, sin su amor, y sin su apoya. Gracias.

Yo sé que la iglesia es la verdad. Qué José Smith fue un profeta verdadero, y por eso, el Libro de Mormon qué él tradujó es verdadero también. Y a través de el Libro, puedo aprender mas de los deseos de Jesucristo y Dios. El profeta hoy, Thomas S. Monson es un profeta quién puede recibir revelacion directamente de Dios, y él es una guía.

Yo lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

Until next time,

Elder Lee

For you non Spanish speakers, I did google translate for ya’ll:

I know all the things I’m doing are the things God wants for me. All the difficult, the challenges, and also the joy and happy I feel every day, I have doubts every day what are God’s. So that I can learn and progress in my life, to change my personality, my heart and my soul and mind. Work on the mission is not easy. But when I see that there are 800 people in the CCM in Mexico, and 75,000 missionaries worldwide, Sisters and Elders, I recognize that the work is true. The path I am walking is the way God wants me to take. And when I have the difficult, the hardest I’ve ever had, which I have, I can and I can ask God and Jesus Christ for help. Why I know that they love me and want the best for my life and my way. I want to achieve all that you can achieve in the mission field, and they you, my family, my friends, the other missionaries, people in every part of the world to support me gave me. And for that, I am grateful. I could never serve the mission or be here without you, without your love, without your support. Thank you.

I know the church is true. What Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and therefore the Book of Mormon which he translated is true too. And through the book, I can learn more about the desires of Jesus Christ and God. The prophet today, Thomas S. Monson is a prophet who can receive revelation directly from God, and he is a guide.

I share in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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