Music requests!

Hey guys!

This week has been a rather boring one. Of course we had our investigators, of course we met  more people, but nothing amazingly new has happened, so I don’t think this will be a long     email.


I’ve heard a few more stories about my mission in Chile. Actually just one. Apparently almost every missionary in my mission gains 20 pounds in the first sixth months because they’re fed a LOT of food, its really rude to reject the offering of food, and the bread is supposedly the best bread ever. Cooked in lard, stuffed with lard, so ew, but delicious. There goes my hopes of being fit.


Language here has been easy. We have a lot of time allotted to learn the language, including time in the computer labs, but I’ve already learned everything the 6 week course has to offer, so I’m just reviewing… Kind of boring. I’ve been helping the other missionaries in my district and zone as well with language. It’s awesome cause I was reading my patriarchal blessing (If you don’t know what it is, its a blessing given by higher authority that essentially is divine personal revelation. Someone blesses you and says words of guidance of your life), and a large part of it talked about my proficiency of language on my future mission, which would then help not only investigators but also missionaries in hastening the work. This was given to me 4 years ago, so its awesome reading it now and seeing how true it has become.


We’ve hit the halfway mark in the MTC, and time is flying. It seems like only a few days ago I was writing you guys. It’s bittersweet; I’ve become so close with my district and other districts in my zone that it’ll be a bittersweet moment when we all leave. I hope to see them all sometime soon after the two years; some will be going to BYU which will be great, but some people are thinking about USC, the U, ones going to Stanford, and one is playing baseball at SLCC. He’s insane, 6’7 half Venezuelan who pitches 92mph. WHAT.


Our district has started playing futsal during our gym times and PDAY, which is amazingly fun (missed it a lot) and tiring cause our gym time is at the hottest time of the day (which isn’t too hot. Just a lot of sun to give me that farmers tan mhmm). Another missionary we play with played football (soccer) at BYU, so he’s super good, but definitely not first string.


As of my take on everything mission-wise is interesting. My faith of the whole Church has grown SO much, My testimony of Christ and the things I’m learning has increased tenfold, and my diligence and work ethic is shooting out the roof. Some missionaries and I wake up at 5:30am every other day to go lift, and I spend all day studying (except every now and then, cause lets be real, I’ll never be able to not fool around). I never thought I’d be able to do a 16-17 hour day and be so happy when I go to bed. I’ve really been given power by the Lord to do His work. As of how I feel about my religious stance when I get back in two years, it’s definitely changing. I went into BYU and the mission with a very vague, “lets cross the bridge when we get to it” attitude, but now, I’m looking somewhat forward to staying steadfast and continuing work in the Church. But it’s only been 3 weeks, so we’ll see where that leads in the next few months and years.


I’ve given my sister (Sandra) links to the dropbox where all my photos are, and I think she’s posted it on here last week, but here it is again. There will be two links; the first is a shared district folder with my and my district, and they will be uploading as well, and the second will just be my uploads.

Shared District:



Also, I have a request for you guys! I’m in need of more songs on my iPod. If you guys can message my facebook with a song (link or file, doesn’t matter), I would greatly appreciate it. I’m going to try to see if my sister or someone could download those songs, get me and iPod shuffle and load it with your songs and send it over. Anything acoustic, piano, instrumental, mellow, chill. Nothing too loud, no bad words/messages, etc etc. ❤ ❤ ❤ Some songs I’m hoping to get: Allen Stone (Any new album), Sam Smith (I only have a few but I want them all!), Yiruma, anything acoustic like Jack Johnson or people like John Legend. And a load of just really nice piano, instrumental music.

Anyways, I hope you all are doing well. Sorry my posts haven’t been too interesting, but when you’re stuck in a the training center with the same schedule every day, you can’t really have many interesting stories. Except that right now as I’m typing, its raining an INSANE amount and a lot of hermanas (sister missionaries) are going around without umbrellas, shoes, and rainjackets.


Take care, all! 3 more emails until I’m in the field! Then you guys can start sending me packages (ahem ahem).



Elder Lee

P.S. – If you guys have any questions about the Church or literally anything that you’re curious about (my experience, etc), shoot me a personal email. I can’t post everything here and expect it to answer everyone’s question, and I really enjoy hearing from people.


❤ ❤ ❤ peace out ya’ll


Please FB Josh any good music you want to send his way, and I will check it for him.  Thanks!


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